Seams Like Olde Times  
A Unique Vintage Clothing Shop
As the name indicates, Seams Like Olde Times consists of many beautiful vintage pieces. Some of the garments have fabric or seams that are very delicate, and have been retained just for display, as wearing them would spell their demise. For that reason, some pieces will be listed as “needs TLC ”, as they would be fabulous for patterns or displays, but would probably not be wearable in their present state. When anticipating selling my collection of vintage pieces it was difficult to let them go to their new home in less than perfect shape. Many hours have been spent repairing, rebeading, relining and cleaning so the new owner can wear and enjoy these vintage pieces without worry.The Children’s Costumes are “redesigns” of popular historical characters that elementary school students often need to portray for class projects. These costumes are great for 10-12 year-old young people. It’s also a popular idea to stage a Victorian Tea for a young girl’s birthday party with her friends!

About our company


 I am Sandy Tessier, owner and operator of Seams Like Olde Times, a successful costume and vintage rental store in Denver, Colorado. After 24 years, I sold most of my inventory (with the exception of my private collection) and closed the store. The remaining treasures represent the most unique, valuable, historical and exquisite of the 10,000 vintage pieces, costumes and special reproductions originally housed within the brick and mortar of Seams Like Olde Times. Previous to Seam Like Olde Times I was an Home Economics teacher in Denver Public Schools, specializing in sewing instruction. For several years I had a sewing school and was a manager of one of the Bernina sewing chalets. I have gone back to my roots of teaching and now offering private sewing instruction and beginning classes for preteens through adults.

Throughout the 24 years of active operation, we were known for costuming individuals, corporate parties, television shows, community and school plays, Old West parties, Old Time weddings, children’s school projects, and fashion shows always with emphasis on historical accuracy, professionalism and quality garments.

One of my favorite things to do is “redesign” where I take a gently used piece and design it into a period reproduction by changing the style and adding appropriate ornamentation. I was recycling beautiful dresses, fabric, and vintage pieces long before it was fashionable or “green”. Claire Smith also helped set up this website. She is the lovely model in several of the pictures.

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